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The Largest Football Betting Web3 Platform In The World

The future of cryptocurrency has arrived, along with Staking, the DAO platform, and the potential Metaverse! Blockchain applications can be found all over the world, and crypto betting is not far behind. It is evident with decentralised sports betting platforms. These are altering the way we bet and will pave the way for a decentralised and community-driven betting activity.

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Lowest Taxes

Decentralized betting sites have lower fees

For everyone

Anyone can bet by connecting a crypto wallet without registering

Lowest Fees

Add new, trending and rare artwork to your collection

Sercure and Safe

Our contract is safe and pool will be locked to ensure the safety of funds

  • ILO: 50%
  • Presale: 25%
  • Liquidity: 20%
  • Team: 3%
  • Airdrop:2%

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3% Tax

There will be a 3% buy and sell tax. The funds collected will be send to marketing wallet and everyone can check on chain transparently.

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QWC Betting

Predict, Bet and Win!

Everyday, every week, a match prediction event is held. The matches will now be chosen from the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the top five European leagues, A matches, and the Champions League.

If every game prediction is accurate, QWC points will be given. QWC tokens can be bought with QWC points.

Franchises and shopping malls

In addition to offering stadiums for reservation, the QWC brand will run its own indoor and outdoor futsal fields and multi-shops for football equipment and goods, which will diversify the profit structure.

Offline enterprises will raise the brand value of QWC, which will raise the value of QWC Tokens. It will create an ecosystem and increase the use of QWC Tokens if the QWC futsal franchise allows for their use.

The idea is currently under development and we will launched it as soon as possible to form a closed ecosystem!

Stadium Metaverse

The QWC Metaverse is based on the real-life Stadium. We will locate the best stadium for our community's needs and use it as our metaverse.

QWC Stadium is also available to international visitors. It has created a community ecosystem in which all users can freely express their feelings and talk within the QWC Metaverse, and users can indirectly experience all of the services provided by the QWC Stadium.

Furthermore, changes such as the interior and construction of QWC Stadium are applied to the QWC Metaverse first, so users can experience the change of QWC Stadium.

OUr Roadmap

QWC Strategy and
Project Plan

Oct 2022


Market Researching Tokenomic Building Betting Protocol Development
Nov 2022


Website & DApp development Presale Community building
Mid of Q4 2022


Offline Store WorldCup Betting Max Marketing
Dec 2022

Ecosystem Grow

More tournament supports DAO launching CEX Listing
Q1 2023


Club sport sponsorship Stadium Metaverse Collab Fan Token Supports
Q2 2023


Referral & Affiliate Feature Ambassador Program More countries support
Q3 2023


Community Bet Events Multichain Supports Automatic Results ML integration
OUr team

The Leadership

Timothy Cannon

Founder & CO

Elain Palnaer

Head of Design

Ivan Best

Vp People

Georginna Robertson

Product Manager

Jacob Terry


Courty Holland


Leo Park

Account Manager

Lisa Ruben

Founder & CO
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